Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nostalgia sells: these old brands are poised for a 2011 comeback

Image: Mr. Peanut

Nostalgia will help sell to consumers who aren't happy with the present

“Will 2011 produce a new Old Spice? The incredible success of the “Old Spice Guy” ad campaign this year shows the potential of heritage brands — in this case, a 71-year-old deodorant line —to revive themselves and reconnect with younger generations.”

PHOTO - Planters Peanuts, owned by Kraft Foods, hopes to revitalize the brand with a makeover of its mascot Mr. Peanut. In animated commercials and online videos, the formerly two-dimensional peanut character is now living and talking with the voice of popular actor Robert Downey Jr.

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Tom Sebourn said...

I still have one of those foot tall plastic Mr. Peanut grinders. You put peanuts in his hat, turn a crank and peanut butter comes out.
Real peanut butter, not the kind that has it's peanut oil removed and replaced with cotton seed oil or vegatable oil.