Saturday, January 1, 2011

What shaky economy? Tourists here for the Rose Bowl game are splurging

Wisconsin fan


Some Pasadena merchants estimate that sales of food and souvenirs are up 5% to 10% over a year ago.

“Andrew Schwingle high-fives other fans of the Badgers at the Rosemont Pavilion across the street from the Rose Bowl. (Mark Boster, Los Angeles Times / December 30, 2010)”


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Jendocino said...

Happy New Year, Dave! I watch the Rose Parade every year and alternate between groaning over the waste and ooh-ing over the pretty floats. This year, a float called "Suenos de California" won the governor's prize for best depiction of life in the state. Half way through the parade, the float broke down and had to be pulled down Colorado Blvd. with a tow truck. Now, if that doesn't say it all... I hope your new year is lucky and joyful!

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