Thursday, December 11, 2008

Which of these superheros has the coolest costume?


          The Phantom                                                 Wolverine



                   Batman                                                      Spiderman


Anonymous said...

Its obvious which superhero is the coolest. by far the wolverine is much cooler than his counterparts.Just look at the phantom he looks like a mental patient running around in his underware. then theirs spiderman.This guy wears a giant leatard and bends his wrist before he shoots his wad. Now thats gay. And batman looks like a gay goth clan member. The wolvering despite the uderware on the outside is by far the coolest. He has knives perturding from his hands and a serious attidude that means business.

Kym said...

I have to agree with anon above--go Wolverine!

Dimentional said...

let's get this straight now, phantom is made of win, and purple haze. :3

not sure about the order though.