Tuesday, May 14, 2024

GOP House Members Humiliate Themselves... Again

This is getting old.

GOP members of the House never seem to tire of being humiliated by their master Trump.

No bar too low. No shame too great.

The 118th Congress with its Republican majority has been making history for all the wrong reasons since they kicked out their own speaker of the House to start off the term.

Here's some of their magic moments that will forever enshrine what will be hereafter known as the worst Congress in history.

Latest stunt:

-- The Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson and reps J.D. Vance and Tommy Tuberville all attended Trump's trial to support him. They sat in the court to show their loyalty like good little minions.

When was the last time a House speaker and members attended a criminal trial to back a former president who tried to overthrow the government?

Oh wait! NEVER.

And yet here we are. All moral boundaries and laws breeched by a cult that has infected Congress since Trump slithered into office in 2017.

-- Mike Johnson is not really in charge. Trump is the Speaker of the House and if anyone doubts it look at Johnson's pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago when he was elected speaker. He went there to kiss the ring. He brags about talking to the Donald every week. Translation: he gets new orders every week.

-- Since the GOP became a majority in the House it has been a three-ring circus with lots of infighting and sham hearings attacking President Biden and his son.

They've passed less legislation than any other House in history. The own members admit it's been a hot mess, and a record number are retiring early to get away from the swamp they created.

-- No past Congress has had members who violate their own laws to defend outright criminality in civil cases like Jim Jordan's interference in Trump's fraud case where he went to New York to hold a kangaroo court of MAGA politicians who worship Trump.

-- In 240 years, we've never had a House of Representatives actively spend the majority of their time attacking the current president of the United States. Their sustain siege is unprecedented.

As it Stands, what we see as humiliating (when a person debases themself) is considered loyalty in the MAGA cult.

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