Monday, May 13, 2024

American Soap Opera: The Trials and Tribulations of Trump

Soap operas are a good example of Americana and have been around since the late 1940s. 

Days of our Lives and All My Children were just two of the ongoing daytime dramas that millions of people tuned in to daily.

The best thing about soap operas, which are still immensely popular, is that they are fiction. Regardless of how real the characters and situations, we always knew we could turn off the TV and they would go away.

Today the whole nation is tuned into a scary soap opera that could result in fascist state if the most corrupt president in our history gets re-elected president.

Following a former presidents felony trial (one of four cases he has been indicted in) every day in a New York courthouse has been a surreal experience covered by the mass media and the right-wing media.

We can't just turn the TV off and be done with Trump's ongoing criminal trial. Every form of media - from print to podcasts - is covering this real-life soap opera, breathlessly reporting every ridiculous detail.

Trump sleeping in court. 

Trump farting in court. 

Trump texting in court. 

Trump disrupting the court. And on and on...

Just like standard soap operas there's a cast of ever evolving characters. The witnesses have ranged from a porn star to Trump's former fixer. They've been fascinating and disgusting.

The courtroom itself is controversial. Trump whines about it being too cold when he's not attacking the judge or witnesses. 

When it comes to soap opera villains like Peter August in General Hospital, or Kristen DiMera in Days of Our Lives, they're not even close to being as evil as Trump really is.

As it Stands, the Trump trial is a soap opera from hell and we're all participants, like it or not.

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