Friday, November 10, 2023

MAGA: Why Trump Attorneys Get Attorneys or the Price of Being a Puppet

If you happened to follow the fates of Trump attorneys that were thrown under the bus by the orange mobster, you probably have a clear picture in your head on what happens to the stereotypical MAGA attorneys.

They end up defending themselves in court because they're political puppets and because they get intimately involved in Trump's corrupt attempts at damaging democracy.

Rather than sharing a list of Trump attorneys who have been charged with crimes related to their assistance to overthrow the 2020 election and Trump's financial fraud trial in New York, I'm going to ask three questions that might be on a lot of people's minds.

1. Why would any attorney risk getting thrown in jail and losing their law license by representing a world-renowned liar?

2. Why would any attorney (with a modicum of gray matter) trust Trump, who may or may not pay them? 

3. Why would any attorney concerned about their reputation want to take on such a toxic client?

Here's some reasons why I think these college-educated attorneys want to represent Trump.

1. Fame. They want to be celebrities. 

2. The money. They can profit by grifting off of Trump's fame/infamy. 

3. Total lack of morals. 

4. They're Trump cult devotees.

5. They have masochistic tendencies.

Trump attorneys are expected to:

1. Sound like Trump by adopting his intonations and bluster.

2. Be compliant puppets.

3. Be loyal at all times or else.

4. Be prepared to take the rap and go to prison where they can wait until he's re-elected and can pardon them.

5. Be prepared to go on right-wing media outlets and spread Trump's lies daily.

As it stands, "Lawyers spend a great deal of their time shoveling smoke." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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