Saturday, November 11, 2023

Louisiana: The State That Hates Women and is Holding the City of New Orleans Hostage

Not only is Louisiana the poorest state in the union it's also home to women-haters who dominate the states politics.

The Louisiana legislature has imposed the strictest anti-abortion laws in the country and recently doubled down on their attacks against women by electing Jeff Landry Attorney General and Louisiana governor-elect in October.

The mayor of New Orleans LaToya Cantrell, Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams, and Orleans Parish Sheriff Susan Hutson have all vowed to not seek arrest nor prosecution for women seeking reproductive care.

Because of the city of New Orleans refusal to arrest and prosecute women for getting abortions Landry personally solicited the Louisiana State Bond Commission to withhold millions in funding to tackle the necessary repairs to the city's four water intakes.

Landry is firmly opposed to any access to substantive abortion care in the state. Recently efforts to make exceptions for incest and rape were crushed despite the highest maternal mortality rate in the United States, and where homicide is the leading cause of death for pregnant women- women being forced to carry fetuses without skulls to term.

Now Landry is busy defunding any and all state-funded projects in New Orleans until they agree to enforce the complete abortion ban.

It's going to be an uphill climb as Landry holds the city's infrastructure hostage until they comply with his demands in the majority female state.

The fact is the state's crumbling infrastructure has been a major problem for decades. The New Orleans Sewage and Water Board recently made headlines in March when oil spewing from its 24/7 turbines and drainage pumps (built in the 1960s) caused major damage to residents' property in March 2023.

A replacement is not expected until the end of next year, and maybe beyond if Landry has his way. Though the recent saltwater intrusion in New Orleans has passed, access to clean, freshwater remains a critical and focal issue of daily life in New Orleans.

Why is the city being held hostage?

When Landry was elected, he swore retribution for New Orleans stance of protecting women and he vowed to reverse the impact of his Democratic predecessor.

With a Republican supermajority in both of the state houses, citizens of New Orleans can expect to lose more freedoms as the crooked lawmakers force them to accept their will.

As it stands, Louisiana is just one of the states that continues to attack pregnant women's rights by imposing draconian laws.

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