Saturday, February 11, 2023

Memo To GOP: Let's Talk About Laptops Shall We?

I'm waiting for the House Republicans to open up an immediate investigation into a laptop discovered by the FBI recently that had classified information on it.

What laptop am I referring to? A current aide of Trump's who worked for the Save American PAC was copying classified documents and storing them on a thumb drive. His/or Her's laptop and a thumb drive were seized as one of Trump lawyers admitted its existence weeks ago.

This is bigly news.

Authorities are concerned after finding out the documents were converted into a digital format that they could be easily distributed to anyone. As in foreign countries.

Is their evidence of espionage on this Trump connected computer? We know the authorities are searching through its contents, but no one knows what to expect. Yet.

Apparently, the Trump lawyer, James Trusty, turned the laptop and hard drive over to the DOJ claiming a Trump aide (with no security clearance) unwittingly copied classified pages with classified markings on them.

Huh? How does someone unwittingly copy something clearly marked



with no questions asked? A pretty weak excuse by anyone's standards.

That's why it's time for Gym Jordan and other MAGA committee chairs to investigate this very real threat to our national security. I recommend they bone up on this violation of 18 USC Code Section 793 - Transmitting or losing defense information.

I expect hearings on this security threat to begin on Monday.

We've witnessed their enthusiasm in going down the rabbit hole after civilian Hunter Biden's laptop for the past six years. It's been the holy grail of right-wing conspiracies. 

Objectively pick the laptop that poses the greatest threat to our national security.

A. A civilian's laptop with dick pics, or

B. Trump aide's laptop with stolen classified top-secret documents on it and a thumb drive.

I hope that was a no-brainer. It seems like the MAGA faithful have been chasing a supposed laptop from hell to deflect from the true laptop from hell with stolen information on it.

Those classified documents had to be scanned in order for them to be on the laptop which indicates they had intent to keep the information and worse to share it.

As it stands, I'm ready for the MAGA morons to come up with reasons NOT to investigate this threat to the American people who will be watching their hypocrisy unfold on national TV and social media platforms.

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