Monday, February 6, 2023

How Did Loofahs Go from a Shower Accessory to a Symbol for Swingers?

There are ordinary objects around us every day that could be a symbol for something that we're not aware of.

Take loofahs for example.

Yes. You heard me right. That sponge that you've been using in the shower is a symbol for swingers.

There's even a Loofah Code guide to show what each of the seven colored loofahs stand for. The prior symbol for swingers, an upside-down pineapple, was shelved in favor of loofahs

If you hang a white loofah on your car (or golf cart) it means you are a beginner swinger. Purple is for those who like to watch the action go down. But when it comes to no holds barred look for the black loofah!

There's a infamous retirement community in Florida called the Villages where seniors display loofahs on the cars and golf carts indicating what kind of swinging their interested in.

This sharing of secret symbols has been going on since the New York Post ran an article about the Villages titled "Wild Retirement Getaway" in 2009.

I should point out that swingers of all ages employ this method to meet with like-minded people.

But the whole thing started with seniors, which I find fascinating and almost inspiring... I repeat almost.

I remember seeing seniors turn out for Trump in the Villages in their little golf carts festooned with Trump flags. But I don't remember loofahs. Then again, why would I? Symbols don't stick out unless you are an insider.

As it stands, I can just imagine a clueless female shopper buying a black loofah and suddenly having a group of grinning men follow her around the store!

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