Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Dead Bill Walking: Voting Rights Legislation Fails in Senate

It was a bad day for democracy.

The voting rights bill never had a chance. 

Trump Republicans were in lockstep, like zombies mindlessly and viciously overwhelming a school board.

Trump might as well have been sitting in a corner of the senate floor on a throne festooned with the spines of Republican senators.

A debate was held. Kinda. What really happened was a litany of fairytales pushed by Trump's Republicans who all were reading from the same seditious script. 

The Democrats kept pointing out reality. They appealed to their fellow senators by pointing out the days when they had spines and really wanted everyone to be able to vote.

Shame didn't work on the shameless. They hid their embarrassment behind the Big Lie - the only thing that matters now among the once party of conservatives.

The fact that Democrats brought up the vote - despite knowing it was a dead bill walking because of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema's opposition - was an act of pure desperation.

The progressives in the party wanted to see something done about voting rights now. Not next year, or the year after. 

So, the show went on. As the hours labored away it was like watching a soap opera with each senator trying to give an award-winning speech that would melt the other sides opposition away like molten wax.

There was never a debate. The outcome was all but set in concrete. It was performance art spurred by political calculations on both sides. 

It was an example of the theatre of the absurd where the play focuses on what happens when human existence lacks meaning, or purpose and communications break down.

An effort to protect American's voting rights was squashed by a gaggle of gutless GOP senators who fear Trump more than anything in this world.

The whole thing was high drama performed by politicians who secretly pine to be movie stars.

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