Saturday, November 13, 2021

Celebrating A Trump Cult Thanksgiving

A majority of Americans will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving this year, where families gather together, devour turkey and all the fixings.

But we shouldn't ignore those Americans that follower Trump, and are content with alternate realities and holiday stories.

The Trump Thanksgiving Story

"Once upon a time a group of superior white men and women came to America's shores and slaughtered the indigenous savages who lived there, paving the way for future white power.

They eventually took slaves, both brown and black, working - and treating - them like animals.

There was once a strict order of the way things should be throughout the southern states, but the damned Yankees whooped their rebel asses and laws protecting minorities were passed.

But those were the dark days because Trump has resurrected the Old South in the last five years.

For this, all conspiracists, right-wing racists, Trump acolytes, and trolls embedded in our society, are eternally grateful." 

Trump Thanksgiving Activities

The children look forward to cartoons and coloring books featuring the Big Orange Turkey who passes out free orange Kool Aid to everyone.

The adults go all out and have Trump, Turkey, and Pumpkin Cosplay rally's throughout the south.

Yes, folks.

Thanksgiving has morphed into another opportunity for Trumplicans to show they live in a universe where Trump is their once and future king.

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