Thursday, October 7, 2021

Memo To MTG: Invoking Nazis and the Holocaust For Shock Value Is Sick

To: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Constantly invoking Nazi atrocities by comparing them to liberals and democrats, just shows how stupid you are.

I suspect you skipped your history classes. I also suspect the only reason you cry Nazi (like the little boy who always cried Wolf) is to get attention.

There are better ways than that to get people to notice you. I should say, to get sane people's attention. I know. You could give a shit. It's the Trumplicans and other assorted right-wing lunatics that you want to keep happy.

If that means lighting fires, then so be it. Screw democracy in the name of Trump. Laws don't apply to you. You're golden in GOP insane asylums across the country. 

You're fever dream claims, like last May's accusation that House members who made you wear a mask on the chamber floor were comparable to Nazis sending Jews to death camps firmly established your brand as an extremist. And clueless. backed off after that rant and even apologized when Republicans were calling you out for being an asshole. That moment of shame didn't last long.

Here you are again. 

Acting stupid to stir the White Supremacist's up with some more raw meat. It gets them hot. Especially when you're holding a semi-automatic AR-15 in videos. 

But you know that.

So, you pulled the Nazi card again in a recent interview on Real America's Voice (a right wing platform) when you said authorities arresting Jan. 6 rioters were like the Gestapo going after innocent patriots.

I get it. Your shameless and you'll continue to count on crying Nazi until the sheep go home, or you get arrested.

What you should do is obvious...

Resign immediately and check into a rehabilitation facility specializing in Nazi-loving addicts who don't think their sick.

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