Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween in a Polarized America


It's Halloween in a divided country that's already experienced the scariest medical emergency - COVID-19 - in our history.

Instead of holiday revelers we have rioters.

The sane part of our population will try to forget - for a moment - that Trumpies are their worst nightmares.

While traditional costumes will be worn, Trump followers will be wearing their usual regalia of defaced American flags and images of Trump's ugly mug on their shirts and flags.

While children trick-or-treat in neighborhoods, Trump supporters will be planting Trump signs on lawns and intimidating parents accompanying their kids.

Instead of traditional Halloween parties, Trumpies will be holding rallies worshipping their favorite devil - Trump - by burning copies of the Constitution.

This Halloween is not about the usual monsters -Frankenstein's, vampires and witches.

It's about the new monsters that have infected our society in the name of a failed reality star and world-class narcissist. 

Instead of showing classic horror shows, theatres will provide a full four hours of the insurrection attempt on our Capitol.

This Halloween is truly a horror show, with Trump acolytes roaming the night like ghouls in search of humans to harass.

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