Saturday, July 24, 2021

GOP Is In The Process of Cannibalizing Itself

Did you know that cannibalism is common in the animal kingdom? 

It's also common in politics today as the Republican party turns inward and eats/cancels it's own members.

The Trumpian wing has been allies with anti-vaxxers and other conspiracy groups for a couple of years now, but that alliance is suddenly on shaky ground.

When Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, and FOX news host, Sean Hannity, promoted getting COVID-19 vaccines Friday, the anti-vaxxers lost their shit.

QAnon's favorite general, Michael " the traitor" Flynn, quickly called them out for speaking truthfully about the vaccine saving lives.

Flynn accused the two of "trying to be politically correct." There were even dark rumors that someone bribed DeSantis to tell the truth about the vaccine.

Think about that. DeSantis is supposed to be more popular than Trump in a recent poll. And going after Hannity? WTF?

The Republican party has become a moveable feast from within, as segments break off and attack/cancel each other.

Between moderates, old school Republicans, and Trump cult followers, the Party of Lincoln is a seething mess of toxic lies.

This growing turmoil can only benefit the Democrats if they continue on their course under Biden, who enjoys a 53 percent approval rating among all Americans. Trump never surpassed 49 percent in four years.

The challenge for the Democrats is keeping their own house in order. Progressives are pushing harder for big changes that Republicans use to scare their conservative constituents with, while other members strive to keep a bipartisan attitude allowing for compromise on important legislation.

It's not easy working with a party when the inmates have overrun the asylum and are charting a congressional course for chaos.

If Republicans continue to cancel each other out with muddled messaging there just might be a chance the Democrats will buck history and win big in the 2022 midterms.

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