Tuesday, April 13, 2021

'Boring' Biden is Getting Under Republicans Skin

Republicans are perplexed.

The circus only lasted four years before Americans sent Trump and company back to their basements and bunkers.

Every day Trump's toxic tweets entertained loyal followers. Fun times. Guessing what conspiracy would be popular or who Trump was mad it, was a pastime for Trumplicans. 

Now President Biden has taken the fun out of politics. He doesn't tweet every time he has gas, or something to whine about. Or someone to threaten.

It's got to the point where Republicans are starting to panic. How can they go after a guy like Biden whose popularity is clearly reflected in the polls?

Over the weekend Republican Sen. John Cornyn bemoaned Biden's "conventional" tweets, and lack of cable news hits.

Cornyn's got his pants in a wad over the idea that Biden is no clown and isn't going to play Trumpie games with him and other shameless lawmakers who still worship at Trump's altar in Mar-a-Lago.

What Cornyn and his ilk have forgotten is the American public was burned out with Trump's online antics, and they voted him out of office.

Trump, like a ringmaster without a stage, is struggling to be relevant in any way he possibly can. Enablers like Cornyn are doing their best to help him.

Meanwhile Biden's administration has performed flawlessly getting major legislation passed while fighting a pandemic and vaccinating millions of Americans daily.

The only drama in Biden's first 100 days is coming from Trump's supporters in Congress who refuse to believe he lost the election.

If boring means getting things done, I'm all for it.

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