Wednesday, April 14, 2021

3 Republican Stooges Seeking Revenge Introduce Bill To Penalize MLB

Three of the biggest stooges in the Republican Party - Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley - introduced an anti-trust law against Major League Baseball yesterday.

It was an act of revenge for MLB moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver because the league took a stand against disenfranchising voters recently in Georgia.

New laws were enacted because the Republicans lost the state and two senate seats in 2020. So they embraced the "Big Lie" to demand change in voting laws under the guise of protecting voters.

What's really funny is the three stooges sudden interest in anti-trust laws. Since when do they give a shit about that?

How long has baseball been around? And now suddenly there's a problem?

Corporations and Republicans have been bedfellows for over 100 years. This little spat may go further, or it may just fade away. 

By the way, I doubt they'll get their wish list in Congress where the idea will fall flatter than Hawley's head.

Over 100 CEOs of the country's biggest businesses met last weekend to discuss how to handle the misinformation Republicans have been spreading to disenfranchise Democratic voters in 48 states.

When Mitch McConnell threatened CEOs last week he opened up a door that may lead to financial grief for the RNC. 

I'm talking about the millions of dollars in donations those CEO's have been pouring into Republican coffers for decades. You'd think McConnell knows this...

and now the three stooges have stepped up to fire the opening salvo of a war Republicans can't win.

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