Friday, February 26, 2021

Republicans Gather for Grievance Event: Pity Party Includes Kissing Trump's Ring

This morning conservative commentators, activists, and conspiracy mongers are gathering in Orlando, Florida.

The occasion is the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Traditionally the Republican Party uses the event to plot their direction forward. This year however, is different.

The gathering of the tribe involves discarding traditional conservative goals and promoting one man as their supreme leader. This weekend is going to be no different that the usual Trump rally, but it's going to last longer.

The party leadership is going to be busy kissing Trump's ring... and ass, in a craven display of servitude.

The Republican Trump Party have been animated the last four years by rage, grievance and above all - fealty to Trump. 

The former president, who was impeached twice, will have a compliant audience. Recent polls shop the majority of Republicans falsely believe the election was stolen.

Based upon the programs listed the conference appears to be less about mapping the party's future than relitigating its past.

The bottom line is the event is going to be more of a pity party than an actionable way forward. 

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