Friday, July 10, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 116: Unable to Bully COVID-19, Trump Turns On Healthcare Officials

Dear Diary,

If there's one thing Trump hates, it's news reports calling out his lies.

He hates it even more when judges rule against him like in the Supreme Court decision yesterday granting Manhattan district attorneys the right to subpoena all of his financial information, including his income tax returns dating back to 2011. 

The message was clear to everyone... "No one is above the law," ...but Trump. 

Licking his wounds from bad polling and supreme court decisions going against his administration, Trump has pivoted to attacking healthcare experts to divert attention.

Dr. Fauci is a good example. Trump is dismissing his advise and suggesting Dr. Fauci doesn't know what he's talking about, despite the fact he's the most trusted member of Trump's Task Farce.

A recent poll reinforces that claim: A Pew Poll conducted during the first week of July showed a majority of Americans - ranging from 89 percent to 94 percent - trust Dr. Fauci's advise over Trump's.

That fact hasn't deterred Trump however. His ploy is one that only a sociopath would employ.

He's actually trying to get people to ignore the pandemic which is raging in 47 states, and to pretend America's re-opened under his leadership.

He threatens the CDC like a petulant child, complaining that he doesn't like their guidelines for re-opening the nation's schools in the fall, demanding changes because the recommendations were "too hard."

The CDC pushed back the next day (a very rare event) and said there weren't going to be changes made to their guidelines, but they were going to add some more suggestions for re-opening.

In Trump's fevered brain healthcare officials have gone from being heroes to hinderances. Most healthcare officials are fighting to save lives by every means possible. Some political appointees are sending mixed messages because they're afraid of Trump.

Try as he might, Trump hasn't been able to bully the coronavirus. He's only had mixed results with healthcare officials. 

In a struggle for facts on safety measures to take against the virus, Trump has emerged as the chief denier of science by refusing to wear a mask and not demanding all Americans to comply with one of the most important of the three safety measures proven to save lives: 
(1) wear a face mask,
(2) social distance, and
(3) wash hands frequently.

Without strong leadership from the White House, I can't see an end to this pandemic pulverizing Americans. I know two things for sure: 
(1) If Americans can't be made to wear masks, that are not an issue anywhere else on the planet, we're screwed.
(2) The whole country has to work together to get this virus under control. We're needlessly losing lives because of politics and lack of leadership.

That's a damn shame!

                 On the Homefront - Medford, Oregon
Face Mask Defiance
More and more local businesses aren't following face mask guidelines and customers (and employees) need help getting them to obey the governor's state face mask mandate.

For the record, the Oregon Health Authority said that a lot of anti-maskers are trying to get away from wearing them citing so-called "medical conditions." Medical experts are saying bullshit, "The number of cases that would require not wearing a mask, are slim and far between," a spokesman explained.

**COVID Update: There were 389 new cases reported yesterday, including here in Jackson County where 7 cases were documented making it the most cases reported in a single day since the pandemic began.

The death toll has climbed to 230 after six more Oregonians died yesterday. The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases stand at 11,188.

Quote for the Day; "Bullying builds character like nuclear waste creates superheroes. It's a rare occurrence and often does much more damage than endowment. -Zack W. Van

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