Monday, July 6, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 112: Surviving the Pandemic and Trump

Dear Diary,

It's obvious that the only way to properly deal with the coronavirus is through science.

Unfortunately, we have a president who doesn't give a shit about science, and who has declared (on July 4th) 99 percent of the virus is no longer lethal.   

Despite the recent surges of confirmed coronavirus cases in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and several other states, Trump is forging ahead with his deadly new directive, "Get over it. Just live with it."

My biggest concern is Americans are going to have to survive COVID-19 outbreaks for at least another year, because face masks have become political statements.

It's really embarrassing to see we're the only country in the world that can't handle wearing face masks to save it's citizen's lives. How stupid is that?

As long as Republicans continue to genuflect and kiss Trump's ass by not wearing face masks in a show of lemming loyalty, the virus is going to have it's way throughout the country. 

The only thing that encourages me a little bit, is lately top Republicans are advising people to WEAR face masks and listen to healthcare professionals warnings. This split from Trump's position on masks signals some of them realize they're not going to get re-elected with magical thinking like his.

I'm enjoying watching some Republican governors squirm like worms as their states are exploding with new virus cases after re-opening too early.

Florida Gov. DeSantis had to eat crow this last week while his state reached higher daily COVID-19 cases than New York experienced at the height of the virus there. It was just a few weeks ago when DeSantis was telling his critics how much better Florida handled the virus than New York, and that's why it was time to open up. Ouch!

Texas Gov. Abbott has been eating his fair share of crow as he's been forced to back up from his premature re-opening and close down bars and other businesses and ask people to stay home.

It must have been really galling for a Trump puppet like Abbott who was forced by reality to order people to wear face masks indoor and outside, after ignoring pleas from mayors throughout the state for months to do just that.

The virus doesn't give a damn about politics. Someone stupid enough to put ideology before their own safety deserves to be culled from the herd. It's similar to natural selection.

Those of us that believe in science have a greater chance of surviving this pandemic than Trump and his devoted minions. Thinking about that makes my day a little better.

                  On the Homefront-Medford, Oregon
Police arrested seven men on the central Oregon coast on July 4th after a racist incident during a celebration on the beach.
(Taft Beach where the incident happened. Photo by John M. Vincent/The Oregonian)
Lincoln City police said the men were part of a group of 10 white people from Clark County, Washington, who had been harassing a black family by yelling racial slurs and using NAZI salutes to intimidate them. 

When officers responded to the situation they had to form a barricade between the group and the family to get them away safely. The group - who police said were "highly intoxicated" - then began taunting the officers.

Members of the group were charged with; rioting, interfering with the police, disorderly conduct, harassment, offensive littering, and illegal fireworks procession.

Another 4th of July in Trump's Amerika with the most divisive president in American history.

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