Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Day Two: Gathering Whistleblower Storm Picks Up More Energy

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Today is day Number Two for really holding Trump accountable for abuse of power. 

(2 p.m. PST) BREAKING NEWS: House Moves Forward on Impeachment

This is the point where historians will count every day towards what led to Trump's impeachment. It will be noted as another milestone where truth and justice saved our democracy.

That may sound dramatic, but look what's happening, even as you read this post. Trump and minions are once again stonewalling truth and giving false narratives to deflect Trump's treason. 

The Director of National Intelligence has been ordered to break the law and not release a "credible and urgent" whistleblower complaint.

When White House Trump minions like Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin embraced a conspiracy to deflect the charges against Trump, you know our democracy has been violated and abused.

The scary thing is Trump has clearly demonstrated there's nothing he won't do to protect himself. After deflecting the Mueller report's evidence about Trump's ties to Russia (with AG Barr's help), he feels emboldened.

In Trump's mind he's beaten Congress by working around it with illegal tactics, like ignoring subpoenas and abusing his executive privileges and the Constitution.

Day Two's Gathering Storm in the news today:

** Trump's GOP primary challengers all agree: Trump's acts were treasonous "Pure and simple."

** Trump has already admitted everything you need to know about the Ukraine drama.

** Former Republican Ohio governor John Kasich, called on Republicans in Congress to push the administration to turn over the whistleblower complaint to the House Intelligence Committee.

** Rank-and-file Republicans who have been dodging questions about the whistleblower account are now rallying around a false narrative Trump is trying to sell about Biden's son Hunter.

** Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has turned up the pressure on Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell today, to investigate the claim's that a whistleblower's complaint was unlawfully suppressed by Trump. 

** Read Nancy Pelosi's letter to Congress on the whistleblower complaint.

** John Avlon breaks down the implications of the Ukraine scandal surrounding Trump.

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