Monday, September 23, 2019

Dear Congress: This Is 'Day One' For Holding Trump Accountable

                                         Good Day World!

The world is watching today, as Congress reacts to Trump's latest corruption scandal.

On Thursday, Trump's Acting Spy Chief, Joseph Maguire, will go before Congress in an open session to testify why he hasn't turned the "urgent and credible" whistleblower complaint over to Congress, according to law which states, "He shall..." turn it over to them.

Today is the first day that must lead to exposing Trump's toxic obstructions of justice, and accountability for going after a political opponent (who he fears) by bribing a foreign government to investigate Biden's son.

Our government's credibility is on trial today. Lawmaker's have to stand up for the truth, no matter how painful. The nation is facing the biggest threat in it's history - a rogue president who truly believes he's above the law.

If the Democrats allow Trump to weasel his way out of this latest scandal, they'll lose all of their moral high ground, not too mention momentum for impeachment.

This textbook demonstration of obstructing our laws must not end in another political quagmire bogged down by the courts in a never-ending cycle of presidential stonewalling.

What America is facing today is not a partisan threat.

It's a very real direct threat to democracy, and our Constitution. Trump's attack on American values and traditions are without parallel.

His constant attempts to divide the country will never end. 

His attempts to sell alternate realities for political gains are threatening our national security.

His attempt to weaken truth by telling constant lies and denying reality has stressed out millions of Americans, in-and-out of government. 

To Nancy Pelosi: 

It's time to quit playing games with Trump. You know he cheats. You know he lies. You know he's obstructed justice countless times since slithering into office. You also know you can break the court deadlock of investigations into his corruption with the powers of impeachment.

It's beyond a political choice now. It's a matter of justice and trusting the American people will do the right thing when presented with evidence of Trump's wrong-doings.

There's a time for all things. Now is the time to stand up for everything that means being a patriotic American.

Good luck Nancy. I'll be rooting for you to rise to the occasion.

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

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