Saturday, October 5, 2019

Americans Are Unwilling Participants in Trump's Reality Show

Good Day World!

I don't want to be in Trump's reality show.

I suspect millions of Americans feel the same way.

Our nation is facing widespread corruption by a lying egomaniac. Open corruption with impunity by a wannabe dictator who is defying everything America stands for.

His deluded base thought (and many still do) that Trump is draining an allegorical swamp. The rest of the world isn't drinking that Kool aid.

A majority of Americans are now for Impeachment after just two weeks of revelations describing Trump's underhanded dealing with foreign countries. They're tired of Trump's shitshow.

This moment in history, where Americans are once again looking at getting rid of an elected president, is a result of Trump's reality show since slithering into office. 

His supporters are more than glad to live in the current alternate universe Trump has created. That includes the Republican Party which is enabling this travesty of an administration.

Republican senators who normally would side with America against Communist China, are looking the other way as Trump openly colludes with our longtime communist foe, asking for dirt on his political opponents.

I hate the fact that Trump has pulled me into his alternate universe where I have no choice but to call the president of the United States a traitor.

I hate the fact that the world is watching the chaos Trump has created with trepidation. Countries are worrying they may suddenly incur Trump's wrath and be hit with unjustified tariffs.

For those of us who live in the real world, the last three years have been exhausting, and discouraging, watching the guard rails of democracy collapse under Trump's relentless assaults on our Constitution.

Like it or not, we are in an impeachment mode based upon the urgent need to stop a runaway president from selling out our country.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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