Sunday, May 26, 2019

Traveling Trump Reveling in Attention Allies Are Offering

Good Day World!

A strong earthquake rocked Tokyo shortly before Trump arrived there yesterday in an ominous start to his Asia Tour. 

He loves being treated like "king" for the day. Donny is being feted in Japan - he also gets to give a sumo wrestler a trophy. 

Something his aides have said he was eagerly looking forward to. Those same aides and other presidential staff have chosen not to tell Donny the whole Emperor transfer thing has nothing to do with him.

It is an honor to be the first national leader to witness the historic moment when the old emperor steps down and the new one assumes a new reign in their history.

I expect Donny will be a good boy and not cause a fuss during the solemn ceremonies as long as no one translates and tells him he's not the star of the show.

With England coming next it's going to be another fete Donny day when he meets with the king and queen, and Prince Charles.

As long as he doesn't leave the palace and wherever the government is putting him and Melania up, there should be no ugly incidents.

I mention this because the majority of people in the UK hate The Donald!  Expect to see the Baby Trump blimp over London in honor of his orangeness.

He certainly not getting a Sword Dance ceremony like the Saudis treated him to a couple of years ago. If the royals want him to see some of the country, he and Melania will have to ride in an armored car.

Also on the tour agenda:

South Korea, China, The Philippines, Vietnam. I'm not going to even speculate how he'll embarras our country during these stops. It's too overwhelming!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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