Friday, May 31, 2019

From Oval Office to Romper Room: Ruling By Temper Tantrums

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"I never said I like coffee more than sex. I said I'd had it more." - Kevin Sinnott

Once upon a time in America, the Oval Office was a sacred place in the White House where the president served the people.

Fast forward.

There's been a massive makeover and the Oval Office has become a romper room for Baby Trump. Let's take a look at just this weeks activities:

After Mueller spoke for the first time about his report...

Trump Ramps Up Campaign To Distort Mueller Report Findings

Trump Falsely Claims Mueller Statement Exonerates Him

Fact-Checking Trump's Flurry of Lies Thursday Morning

Trump Admitted Something We All Knew Today. Then He Un-Admitted It

At this point in American history, we are facing a man-child doing his best to tear down democracy and increase his presidential powers to cover his corrupt ass.

I'm renewing my call today for someone to fund raise enough money to fly the, now famous, Baby Trump Blimp as near to the White House as possible. 

When he's gone, the blimp should be donated to the Smithsonian Museum to remind future generations of what happens when a presidential candidate is not properly vetted by his own party.

Meanwhile, the orange ape will continue to throw tantrums and tweet his outrage daily, instead of working with Congress to pass laws serving our nation.

It's all about him. Baby Trump is on a mission to survive and is stirring the shit pots in order to divert the bad news about him and his cronies.

As long as GOP senators are willing to change Trump's dirty diapers and give him clean one's every day, we'll have a romper room in the White House.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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