Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Post Trump America: The Reconstruction

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After voters kick Trump out of the White House next year (if he's not impeached prior to the elections), the nation faces a modern day reconstruction era to undo the damages he's done to our democracy and unity.

Like the Civil War, it's going to be a challenge to unify those Americans that were under Trump's spell, and to reintroduce them back to a democratic society that doesn't tolerate monarchy.

The fact of the matter is there will always be Americans who live on the fringes of society that believe in anarchy; who are racists, who are religious zealots, or xenophobes.

Traditionally, they have been a minority without the power to change laws, or the very tenants of our democracy and our Constitution.

However, since Trump slunk into office with the help of the Russians, all of our values, ethics, and unity have been under assault. The trolls waiting under rocks for their day, were given free reign when the orange ape preceded to rape all we hold dear in America.

It's a matter of conjuncture how much damage Trump has done thus far, and will do before the 2020 election.

I suspect it's going to require a major healing among the armed camps that have sprung up in defiance of Trump, and those who supported Trump without reservation.

Our next president is a major component in how successful a reconstruction era will be. Obvisiously we need a unifier, someone that represents all that is good in this country. 

Someone who really understands the art of the deal and can get major legislations passed in Congress by compromising and who respects the role Congress plays in our society.

I'm still trying to make my mind up who that person would be that could fairly lead this country. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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