Friday, April 5, 2019

What People-On-The Street Are Saying Today About Wind Power

                                         Good Day World!

I've got my morning cup of coffee in a to-go cup because it's  time to hear from People-On-The-Street (a new feature for this blog). In other words, let's see what the average American has to say about the subject for the day.

Today's subject is Wind Power:

Dave: Good morning sir! What do you think about clean alternative power sources? Like wind for example.

Man with MAGA hat: Windmills are horrible! Did you know they cause cancer?

Dave: Actually,that's not true. There's no scientific evidence that shows such a link exists. Where did you hear that?

Man with MAGA hat: Right from the top. President Donald Trump. Make American Great Again!

Dave: Thank you sir...
Hello, miss! Do you have a moment?

Woman: Yes.

Dave: What do you think about wind power as a viable energy source?

Woman: Unlike our creep-in-command, I think it's a great alternative. Did you hear Trump claimed windmills caused cancer? That asshole wants to take us back to medieval times using wood and coal for heat.

Dave: Yes, I did. Thank you for your time.
Excuse me you have a moment?

Man: Depends. What do you want?

Dave: I'll be quick. Just one question.
Do you think wind power has promise?

Man: Listen...anything is better than coal and nuclear power plants. If someone figured out a way to get alternative power from trash, I'd be all for it.

Dave: Then you'll be happy to hear there are waste-to-energy technologies being explored as we speak. Thank you for your time.
Excuse me miss...may I ask you a question this morning?

Woman: Sure. But I ain't got a lot of time, the mission serves breakfast until 10 a.m. After that, I'm shit out of luck.

Dave: I'll be brief. Do you think wind parks are a good energy source for the future?

Woman: What the hell are wind parks? If I'd of known you was crazy, I wouldn't have stopped. I'm out of here...

Memo: GE Bets On Offshore Wind As Fossil Fuels Stumble

That concludes my interviews for today. Look for future People-On-The-Street interviews.

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Time for me to walk on down the road...

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