Monday, April 15, 2019

See Analysis: 2 Trump Minion's Battle For Bullshit Bragging Rights

Good Day World!

If you missed seeing Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway yesterday on the Sunday pundit shows from Fox to ABC, you missed epic examples of propaganda at its best.
Sanders appeared on a couple of morning shows and Conway appeared on one.

After carefully evaluating (with periodic vomiting during the process) the amount of lies; how passionate they were; their ability to divert and control interviews; and to defend Trump's lawbreaking; I finally decided that Conway was the Best Trump Minion representative for Sunday 4/14/19. 

Conway won bullshit bragging rights according to my results. The competition was fierce (especially when Sanders was on Fox.)

Don't get me wrong. Sander's was such a close second, I almost declared a tie. See what you think: 

Here's Conway on Meet The Press

Here's Sanders on ABC This Week

Here's Sanders on Fox News Sunday

Forgive me...I probably should have warned you to keep a barf bag nearby while viewing their competition.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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