Sunday, March 10, 2019

WH Patronage: Or, How To Fly Under The Radar

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As another White House Communications Director loses his job (that's five and counting) Americans got a peak at another Trump appointee who somehow flew under the ethics radar for nearly six months.

It's a common enough occurrence in the Trump regime.

The scandal about this latest Trump puppet, Bill Shine (former president of Fox News), has been simmering since last December when Democrats sent a letter to the White House counsel's office, demanding proof that Fox's payments to Shine didn't violate federal ethics and conflict-of-interest statutes. 

They never got one.

When New Yorker reporter Jane Mayer wrote an article exposing the incestuous relationship between the West Wing and Fox News, Trump's enablers elected to move Shine out from his high profile position and hide him on Trump's 2020 re-election team.

There's plenty of other examples, such as Jared and Ivanka's controversial top security clearances that have flown under the radar for nearly two years. The only reason their being scrutinized now is because the Democrats got the House back.

Because of that dynamic change on Capitol Hill there's going to be a lot less Trump appointees that will be able to fly under the radar during the rest of his scandalous presidency.

Expect Trump to keep trying to infect our government and judiciary in spite of this heightened oversight. It's in his DNA.

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