Friday, March 15, 2019

Trump Enablers Forced to Face Lawmakers

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For two years Trump's enablers in the government have been able to protect him while he repeatedly assaults the Constitution and every law he comes across.

Now, the time has come for these devoted minions to face the music coming from House committees.

Starting with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. He's got some explaining to do on why Trump is refusing to let his tax returns be released to House committees.

From the start, Mnuchin promised his idol Trump that he would protect him from anyone seeking his tax returns. It's why Mnuchin got the job in the first place.

A host of other enablers are going to be faced with questions from lawmakers as new suspicions about dangled pardons, conflicting congressional testimony, implicit pleas form clemency and fresh suggestions of inappropriate presidential behavior are unraveled in the days, and weeks, ahead. 

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Senate Republicans were faced with rebuking Trump's Emergency Resolution yesterday, which they did, setting it up for Trump's first veto. I suspect another is on the way too.

The Story - GOP Senators Voting Against Trump Try To placate the President: 'It's Not in Any Way A Slight On Him

The above story singles out how his enablers in the senate were forced to choose the Constitution over Trump's power grab for the Congressional purse. How pathetic is that after making doing the right thing they apologize to Trump and hope he's not mad at them.

Wow. I've only touched on some of Trump's enablers and it's enough to make a sane person's head spin. 

I'm somewhat consoled to know that historians will someday study how one man was able to corrupt every federal agency in the government.

His enablers will also have a place in Trump's Hall of Shame.

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