Sunday, March 24, 2019

Trump Minions Claiming Victory Before Mueller Report Released

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The lies from Trump world have already begun despite the fact that AG Barr hasn't shared a thing (as of this writing) about the recently released Mueller report.

Leading the way was Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) who eagerly reported yesterday that "early reports" confirmed Trump and his campaign did not collude with Russia.

His claim was utter bullshit. There were no early reports exonerating Trump and his minions. Because they were no further indictments against Trump's cohorts the victory dance began early.

It's notable that partisan hacks like Stewart are already spinning the Mueller report. They've been preparing to do this for a along time.

It's possible, as you read this post today, Trump and his minions will be doing the happy dance because AG Barr's perception of Mueller's report will initially be watered down.

But, I have a hunch the hokey pokey dance won't last long after the House pursues the threads of evidence Mueller's comprehensive report will have, despite the possibility of Barr's consensus of no colluding.  

One caveat; if by some surprise, Barr sees Mueller has overwhelming evidence of collusion he could indict the president. I have to admit the chances of that happening are probably slim, to non-existent.

For those people who have not been following this legal free-for-all, I would caution them to not get too excited, either way, about what AG Barr has to say.

Trump's future is filled with investigations into all his forms of corruption, before and after entering office. I don't expect to see any more dance parties being thrown by Trump's enablers before the 2020 elections.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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