Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Wealthy, Unethical, and Powerful Officially Take Control of America

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The worst held secret in America has come out into the open since Trump's takeover in 2016.

The wealthy, unethical, and powerful rule this country with an iron hand. There's no use in denying it. Look at just a few things that happened in the last couple of months:

* Mueller's investigation was declared complete and exonerated Trump and his campaign from colluding with Russia. 
Well, sort of. All those contacts with Trump associates and Russians during and after the election were ruled...insufficient to indict (?).
More maddening however, was Mueller's decision to not make a decision about Obstruction of Justice (the original reason the investigation opened), instead letting Trump's puppet William Barr make the crucial call. 
The call was inevitable because Barr made his decision a long time ago (before he was hired by Trump) that the Mueller report should never have happened.
Then when Mueller stated that Trump was not exonerated from the charge of obstruction, it became a battle royal.

Trump 1. America 0.

Accountability will be tied up in courts allowing Trump to ignore the case and to continue to spread his corruption with renewed vigor in the government like a disease.

* Another case of connections in high places played out when Smollett's case was suddenly dropped, despite 16 felony counts and a grand jury's recommendation.
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* Then we have the college admissions scandal where wealthy parents, test administrators, and college coaches rigged the system to allow for students to attend elite college. There were two different types of schemes - a standardized cheating operation and a college acceptance scam. 

* There's Trump's tax con that made the richer even more wealthy and powerful.

* How about billionaire Robert Kraft? The guy gets caught having sex in a message parlor (twice) on video, then pleads not guilty. He's apparently confident the team of lawyers will find (or create) loopholes in the law allowing him to not tell the truth. Sound familiar? Shades of the Smollett case. Getting away with lying.

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