Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Taking Out The Trash: Media Dumps

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Sifting through other people's trash has come to define what the media considers big news.

Breaking news

News alert.

This just in.

More details to come. 

And so on. Media news outlets from Fox to CNN dump their politically motivated stories into the mainstream media.

Question: is there even such a thing as "mainstream" anymore?

When media outlets concentrate on "gotcha news" they are catering to segments of society that enjoy going for trips through dumps in search of salacious trash.

But what about the rest of us?

Americans who are interested in getting real news as opposed to op-ed news are left to surf the channels seeking news outlets without obvious bias. 

That often means looking at news outlets outside of the USA like BBC TV, or Reuters, where the news isn't so heavily filtered. I would also recommend reading The Guardian, an excellent daily newspaper in England.

Unfortunately, a large segment of American society is divided between two tribes; Democrats and Republicans. They need the affirmation that even quasi news outlets like Fox and CNN provide to fulfill and confirm their world view.

Is it any wonder an asshole like Trump could come up with the fake news bullshit and tout it daily to his base? Not in today's world where facts are all too often countered with partisan lies.

Don't expect media dumps to go away. The news cycle of the 21st century will continue to bring out the trash for ratings in our polarized society.

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