Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dictators Have State-Controlled Media Like Trump's Fox News

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Seems like I'm getting a lot of epiphanies these days early in the morning while indulging in coffee and cannabis. 

Today, while reading a New York Times expose on Trump having his own propaganda organization - also known as Fox News - it occurred to me this relationship has been evident since Trump decided to run for president.

No one has actually come out in the open about this incestuous relationship until recently. 

For over three years Fox News enabled and supported Trump's lies for political and business reasons while insisting they had fair and balanced reporting.

What happened was reality overcame the thin smokescreen between Trump and Fox management.

For starters, we found out that Fox spiked the Stormy Daniel story days before the 2016 election to protect candidate Trump.

Why? Rupert Murdock wanted Trump, not Hillary Clinton, to win, according to a Wall Street Journal article in 2018. It's around that time Fox News became the unofficial propaganda media outlet for Trump.

As historians are fully aware, one of the signs of a true dictatorship is by controlling a media propaganda organization to distribute lies.

Americans have watched as Fox News hosts and management have infiltered our government like lice. Currently heading up the White House Press Staff is Bill Shine, an ex-Fox executive.

When the day comes and historians try to piece together all the pathways of corruption that got Trump elected, Fox News and The National Enquirer will hold special places in that nefarious plot along with conspiring with the Russians to rig the election results.

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