Sunday, January 13, 2019

Home Alone: A Nothing Burger in the White House

Good Day World!

When the media accused Trump of causing chaos in the White House yesterday, he vehemently replied,

"Fake media! How could there be chaos when I'm the only one here in the White House?"

Okay. Nothing more needs to be added here.

Just another stellar moment with a reality star whose world is blowing up around him. He's grudgingly starting to realize playing America's leader has consequences.

One's he never thought of as he happily set about destroying our government, our place in the world community, and whatever moral authority we once had.

In his new job as POTUS truth was a requirement - something that he's done his best to avoid since Daddy gave him millions and he began calling himself a builder of walls.

As for his famous Art of the Deal skills, they were just another illusion (like the ghost writer who really wrote Trump's book).

Look no further than how the world currently sees us...sheep being led by a maniac.

The bottom line; America is waiting until Trump's temper tantrums stop long enough to get the government back open, and to stop using 800,000 federal workers as political pawns.

That's why Trump is home alone today. He refuses to compromise with Congress. 

It's also because he doesn't understand the first thing about making a deal where the mafia, Saudi Arabia, or Russia aren't involved.

To his utter surprise, the country does not want a dictator with little hands, and a little brain.

Trump has become a nothing burger that the Democrats plan on grilling in the coming days, weeks, and months. Looks like his crimes are ketchupping up to him!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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