Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Hi! I'm Dave, and I'm Addicted To The Trump Government Reality Show

Good Day World!

As I slurped my way through my first cup of coffee this morning it occurred to me that I was watching way too many Trump government reality shows lately.

It's scary. I can't stand the orange anus, but damn! He still puts on a good show, as do his minions daily.

Take the confirmation hearings for Trump appointees.

Who get forget the high anxiety of the Kavanaugh hearings? Talk about all the elements for entertainment. If it got any more salacious the proceedings would have had to be X-Rated and run on cable news.

Talk about X-Rated! How about Trump and the Porn Star and Playmate after hours series? Stormy notes Donny's little hands and... 

How about that drama at the southern border last midterms?

Trump and minions played with our military personnel like pawns in his political game, declaring a crisis approaching - which by the way was a rag tag collection of fleeing immigrants banded together for safety.

There's so many juicy tidbits about Trump and his corrupt staff of puppets that it's running as a miniseries (The House of Trump) on CNN. 

Early viewers got to watch Trump's original cabinet get eviscerated, humiliated, and tossed aside like trash. Those early episodes were great entertainment, but now there's only a half-temporary staff tip-toeing through the White House and taking turns changing Trump's diapers after his temper tantrums.

The daily reality show since his election has featured fans flocking to Fox News for a daily dose of lies and Trump ass-kissing segments.

Even the mainstream news is addicted to Trump's government reality show, eagerly featuring his daily tweets like they were real news. 

Please don't judge me too harshly if I'm addicted to covering Trump's downfall. There's just something about the theatre in Washington DC that defies explanation...

"Hi! I'm Dave, and I'm addicted to coffee and the current long-running reality show in the White House."

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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