Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trump's Stooge Has An End Game

Good Day World! 

The Justice Department has been under siege since Trump waddled into the Oval Office.

Facts are poison to Trump, the ultimate demagogue. 

To counter the facts coming out of Mueller's investigation on Trump's team and Russia playing "kissy-face" during the 2016 election, red herrings have been coming fast and hard from all directions.

No one has shown himself to be a bigger SOB and blatant liar than Trump's favorite stooge, Represenative Devin Nunes. 

Nunes war with the Justice Department is just another low coming from a Trump supporter - who just happens to be in Congress - with no conscience. 

The fact that he's abusing the law by forcing access to materials that are usually off limits to Congress under department policy, is troublesome. But with Trump's backing, he's got away with it thus far.

And when Nunes doesn't get what he wants quick enough he threatens top law enforcement officials. He even suggested he'd impeach Jeff Sessions - who has no part in the Russia investigation.

Nunes mission is simple. Discredit Mueller's investigation any way he can. By being a confrontational stooge, Nunes helps feed Trump's base and muddies up the waters of the investigation.

By injecting doubt into Mueller and his team's conclusions, Nunes hopes to thwart the truth...just like his puppet master Trump has shown him how to do.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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