Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Now, It's Time For the Rest of the Story About Kavanaugh

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There's still a rotten stench lingering after "Beer boy-I like beer, do you like beer?" Kavanaugh's confirmation process.

The aftermath of that stolen confirmation involves a dozen ethics complaints filed against him during the process. Instead of taking care of them in a timely way, they were held up somewhere.

That somewhere, it turns out, was supreme court chief justice John Robert's desk. The complaints sat there until the confirmation farce was over and Kavanaugh was on the supreme court where judges are in effect immune to disciplinary action by lower-court justices. 

he court is supposed to police it's own actions. Anyone who really believes they do are painfully naive about our crooked courts. It's apparent to most law observers that the supreme court is now fully politicized. 

So what are the chances that Kavanaugh will be called out for lying under oath, and eleven are charges? Zero. 

To illustrate that point let's look at who Roberts put in charge of reviewing the complaints; a good buddy of Kavanaugh's, Timothy Tymkovich.

Here's what's common knowledge: Kavanaugh once lobbied in support of a controversial judge who is now going to judge him. That judge is Tymkovich.

Kavanaugh was involved in a high-stakes campaign to ensure that Timothy Tymkovich, another staunch conservative and a former Colorado solicitor general, would secure a lifetime appointment as a federal judge.

Talk about convenient. Tymkovich's now chief judge on the 10th circuit court of appeals, in Colorado. That means just one thing; the process was a sham from the get-go.

Instead of Robert's going out of his way to choose a judge who did not have any ties to Kavanaugh, such as one nominated by Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, he has added to the perception that the nine supreme court justices are above the law.

Critics, including hundreds of law professors, legal experts and senators, have said that Kavanaugh’s performance, in which he lashed out at Democrats over allegations he committed sexual assault, lacked judicial temperament. There was also that little matter about lying under oath.

In summary, we have a chief justice(Roberts)who thinks he's fooling the world about adhering to a lawful investigative process, when in fact he stacked the deck.

And that, my friends, is the rest of this sorry story.

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