Monday, October 22, 2018

I Voted Today: Stay Posted For Your Turn

                                            Good Day World!

I love the voting system here in Oregon. It's by mail. This money-saving and secure way of voting went into effect in 1998.

I'm taking advantage of turning in my ballot early today. It's really too bad that most states don't use the mail-in system. There's only a few that currently do.

In 2016 California passed SB 450 which authorizes a roll out of 100% vote by mail across the state. However, only five counties are doing so for the midterms. All counties will be authorized by 2020, except LA County which will be authorized in 2022.

Washington, Colorado, and Utah have 100% vote by mail.

The majority of experts argue it's the safest way of voting in our world today. They nearly unanimous in praising paper trails. Better yet, there's no way in hell anyone can hack a mail-in election because no computers are involved.

It's common sense. Does that mean the rest of the states aren't far behind in adopting the system? Probably not. Most aren't even considering the idea.

There are some successful pilot programs going on this year in Anchorage, Alaska which had record (early voter) turnouts, and in Garden City, Nebraska which saw a much higher turnout versus the state average.

Wherever you live please remember to vote in November, or before, if possible. I truly feel this will be an historic election determining the course of our democracy. 

Trump has made it a referendum on himself so it's a great opportunity to send the narcissist in charge a clear message...we won't take your shit any longer!

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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