Thursday, October 4, 2018

It's A Trump, Trump, Trump World!

                                     Good Day World!

Face it. You can't take a dump without thinking of Trump.

Everywhere you look, and listen, people are embroiled in heated debates about our Liar-In-Cheats latest tweets, rallies, and near catastrophes at The White House.

It really gets embarrassing when you look at the world's opinion of our president:

Poll: Global Confidence in Trump lower than for China's XI

And, World's Confidence in US Leadership Under Trump at a New Low

But the embarrassment doesn't stop there. Americans have to live daily under the most corrupt president in our entire history. He's a serial liar, and proud of it. His massive ego blinds him from reality. 

He makes up his own reality as he goes. With minions like Kellyanne Conway pushing alternative truths, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders blatantly spreading Trump's lies like they were gospel, we are faced with a sense of being captives in a reality show we never signed up for.

Unlike the action adventure and comedy, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, World, we are watching a drama that threatens the very core of our highly prized democracy with a modern day fascism under Trump's world. His attempts to destroy our Constitutional rights are nothing less than evil.

The man-baby's days are limited. As he mocks sexual assault victims during this country's awakening in the wake of the Me Too movement, he's going to see Republican women peel away from his base in the midterms.

Trump is so full of himself, and just plain stupid, that he thinks he's not going to pay a price for mocking Dr. Ford during a rally in Mississippi. To him, it was further proof that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue in front of everyone, and get away with it.

Senators are going to review the FBI's report today. Click here to see the ridiculous limits being put on the 100 senators who need to read it.

Let's see what the three people - Sen. Flake, Sen. Collins, and Sen. Murkowski - think about this sham of a confirmation. It's all up to them now.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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