Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trump Sneaks Lawyer in 'Gang of Eight' Meeting To Obstruct Justice

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Lawmakers are finally starting to realize the extent of Trump's effort to obstruct justice.

His all out attack on the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the last week, claiming his campaign was being spied on, is the latest example of the lies he spreads to muddy up the waters of the Russia investigation.

The DOJ has been knuckling under to Trump's demands to investigate his latest conspiracy theory.

On Thursday two of Trump's close cronies, Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy, were going to meet with DOJ department heads, leaving the Democrats out of the loop, but at the last minutes Adam Schiff was allowed to attend.

Trump had demanded the meeting be held because he wanted to expose the FBI's confidential informant, and tie him into his phony spy conspiracy that his friends like Hannity were all too glad to attack.

Then later in the day when the so-called Gang of Eight (four Democrats and four Republicans) met to get the same briefing (after a bipartisan Congressional outcry) from the DOJ.

Trump sent his Chief of Staff Kelly and his lawyer to attend...a clear violation of the way things are done.

No White House members have ever been allowed to attend Gang of Eight meetings. Trump, as usual, flouted conventions (and possibly the law) and sent his two "spies" in to listen.

There's no doubt what's happening. Trump is panicking and has gone into a survival mode that's rocking the laws of our land with impunity.

I fault the DOJ for not fighting back at this point. Rosenstein is trying to appease Trump in hopes he won't fire Mueller  who is getting closer to announcing the results of his investigation.

But Trump is a bully, and giving in to him only makes matters worse. At some point, Rosenstein is going to have to stiffen his spine and stand up to these breeches of our laws and conventions.

It might cost him his job, but history will prove him right in resisting Trump's assault on everything we hold dear in America. 

Make no mistake, we are in a constitutional crisis and it's going to be up to Republicans to help stop Trump from crippling our democracy.

They can start by stop enabling the corrupt bastard!

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