Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Price For Starting a Wildfire, Rumors of a Supreme Retirement, and New Dem Direction

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Tuesday is like driving in second gear. You're starting to pick up momentum for the week. 

I live in Medford, Oregon and can recall last summer's fires when the Rogue Valley was plagued with smoke and unsafe air qualities for nearly two months.

It sucked hard, so I didn't feel a lot of sympathy for the clown who started it - a teenager too young to be publicly named. The courts ordered him to pay for that fire yesterday to the tune of 37 million dollars.

I'm not sure what monthly payments would look like, but the kid has been ordered to pay restitution for at least the next decade.

I'm also willing to bet he never pays the whole bill.

Moving on...Those troublesome rumors of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring have resurfaced. The rumor originally started last Spring.

As you can imagine, Republicans are salivating at the thought. If Kennedy retired right now it would give the GOP's Senate majority time to confirm his replacement before the midterm elections.

I'm crossing my fingers he stays, at least until the end of the year...or longer.

Moving on...

Have you heard the Democrats latest campaigning strategy for the midterms? They're going to highlight the corruption under the Trump administration. 

Normally, that would be a good tact to take. It's helped elect many  a president. But in this era of Trumpism, good is bad, and bad is good.

With the help of Fox News, Hannity, Brietbart, The National Inquirer, InfoWars, and alt-right trolls, truth will be trampled in conspiracies and lies.

Trump's supporters are like lemmings, and will walk off a cliff with Donny without considering the ramifications.

I'd like to see the Democrats concentrate on what's important in the area they're planning on representing, and to ignore Washington politics. 

Trump is like the tar baby of lore, the more you hit him, the deeper you sink.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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