Tuesday, May 29, 2018

There's No Coincidences In Trump's Orbit

Good Day World!

The Set-Up: Trump vows to help a major Chinese telecommunications company from going bust. 

Forget about everything Trump once agreed to about the company being a bad player and threatening national security.

Despite a history of violating American limits on doing business - and spying on us with cell phones - Trump suddenly wants to reverse the sanctions he put on the Chinese company - ZTE - when Congress forced him to take action.

At about the same time this reversal was taking place, lo and behold...Ivanka Trump was awarded seven new trademarks in China. Isn't that fortuitous? 

But wait! There's more; it's not only Ivanka's business getting a big boost by holding hands with Chinese officials. It turns out, in this extremely short time frame, the Chinese government made a $500 million loan for a theme park in Indonesia to...are you ready? Trump properties. 


Only if you believe in the tooth fairy, or Bigfoot.

Let's get real here. We're watching corruption unfold like an accordion with Donny's sneaky backdoor deals. Tit for tat. You rub my back, and I'll rub yours. You kiss my ass, and I'll kiss yours.

Democrats are calling for an investigation into ethics violations over this whole China mess, but they might as well be talking to a room full of deaf mutes wearing MAGA caps.

Those are Trump's negotiating tools. His art of the deal is more like the art of the steal, as he rips Americans off at every opportunity.

He's making the rich...richer, with tax breaks that corporations once had wet dreams about getting.

The Setup: Trump's attacked the Russia investigation from day one, doing everything in his power to stop it by getting rid of Mueller and Rosenstein, and other assorted tactics like lying about Obama putting a spy in his campaigns camp.


Oh hell, no! Those spineless GOP jellyfish in Congress are colluding with the president!

Fun fact: Trump has 100 trademarks in China.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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