Monday, May 28, 2018

How A Sitting US President Normalized Lying

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There's never been a more outright liar in the Oval Office in American history than Donald Trump. That's saying something when you think about it.

Pundits that keep score of his lies say they've increased since his first year in office from 4-5 daily, to up to nine times daily in the last five months!

That's outrageous. But it's the new normal.

How does Trump get away with so many lies? Mainstream polls show an average of 80 percent of Americans believe he tells lies.

Yet, he continues to lie at an alarming rate. His latest "Spy Gate" bullshit, shows how far he'll go...and with impunity. 

After 17 months of Trump lying daily, people are numb. They start to question reality. Just what Trump wants. 

We all know Donny's ego is colossal, but when he admits to seasoned reporter Leslie Stalh that he lies, on camera (60 Minutes), you know he's confident no one will do anything about it. 

Grinning like an albino ape, Trump said that he demeans and discredits the press so know one will believe negative stories about him.

Straight up. 

So why is it that tactic still working for Trump if the whole world knows he's a liar? A respected journalist visits Trump Tower after his victory in 2016 and records his hubris, but no one seemed to care.

Lying is contagious. Those around Trump have to lie their asses off - especially Sarah Huckabee Sanders. His West Wing staff followed his lead like lambs.

Meanwhile the Republicans in Congress continue to enable this blatant liar even after his numerous attacks against the intelligence community. He's openly threating the Department of Justice, and still no one has stopped him.

To my utter disgust, children can now see and hear these lies daily, coming from what was once the most respected office in all the land.

This doesn't bode well for the next generation who are growing up during this terrible time when we have a Liar-In-Chief running the country.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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