Saturday, September 9, 2017

Poison Politics: America Adrift In A Sea of Division

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The heyday of dirty politics is having a renaissance since the Trump regime moved into the White House.

Poisoned politics are now par for the course. Lots of lies. Alternative realities. Fake News. 

They all warp the minds of good people who willingly follow their party regardless of the cesspool they're making out of Democracy.

The snake-pit.  A voice with venom dripping from it spews hateful agendas from the Oval Office. 

Snake-bitten, Republican senators cower in their quarters, hoping Trump will magically disappear, or at least not tell a lie for one whole day.

Us vs Them. It gets murkier all the time.

Russia vs the USA. Right?

Except when Putin helped Trump get elected. 
Except for Trump's open adoration of Putin.
Except for Trump's obvious desire to do business with Communist Russia. 
Except for Donald Trump Jr.s meeting with Russian operatives where they told him how they could help his dad win.

Trump vs America

Our National Parks are under siege as Trumpies seek to loot their natural resources.

Our educational system is staggering under the lack of leadership from Betsy DeVos, a Trump appointee.

Our environment is under assault from the energy czars who see no need for regulations to protect our air and water.

Our standing among other nations has been diminished by Trump's stupid moves, like backing out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Let's face it. America is adrift in a sea of deviousness. We don't have a captain at the helm, and little idea of where we're going.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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