Sunday, September 3, 2017

Harvey Help, Heat on Trump, and Heat Thanks To Global Warming

Good Day World!

I felt like I should have been wearing some high water boots when I saw the photo optic of Trump kissing a black toddler in a Houston shelter.

It's going to take more than kissing adorable little girls to clean up Trump's act. He's been a bad boy lately and is getting desperate as the Russian/Trump campaign collusion investigation heats up.

The word is he's chaffing under his new chief-of- staff, Kelly, because he always acts like an adult and expects Donny to do the same.

I'm hopeful that Congress will pass a bipartisan bill for $6.7 billion in aide for Harvey survivors... ASAP. The money can come out of whatever funds Trump hoped to con Congress out of to build his fantasy wall. 

I'm also hopeful the unhealthy air quality in southern Oregon will get better sometime soon. Where I live in Medford, we have unhealthy air alerts daily. It's been that way for a couple of weeks.

Fires to the right of us, and fires to the left. Winds shift and the Rogue Valley becomes a scene out of downtown Beijing. Throw in triple digit temperatures, and it's downright ugly.

Fires burning all over the country. California, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, and Montana at last count. Maybe more today.

It's about climate warming. Everyone - but our stupid president and some of his minions - know earth temperatures have been rising dramatically and man-made emissions is not helping anything.

The sickening part of the so-called argument about Global Warming is that the someone who doesn't believe in what 97% of the scientists in the world says, is the leader of the free world!

It's hard not to feel doomed. It's also arguably a good time to buy a good gas mask with reserve oxygen tanks!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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