Monday, September 11, 2017

I know you may think so, but it's not the Apocalypse - Just Tough Times and Trump

Good Day World!

Hurricanes, earthquakes, major flooding, rumors of war with North Korea...

Hey! Wait a minute!

This all sounds a lot like the Apocalypse.

When I hear that MegaChurch Pastor/Televangelist, Paula White, say Trump is a man of repentance, I can't help flashing on all the end time talk lately.

FYI: Predictions about the end of the world have been going on since ancient times, so I'm not too concerned over our latest run of tough times.

In the news...

The White House is holding up to it's new tradition of a lie-a- day in grand style. This time, social media director, Dan Scavino informed the nation that Miami International Airport was flooded.

The truth is, the video Scavino shared with the world (and his boss Donny) was not a video of Miami - or even Hurricane Irma.

The White House had no comment. Are you surprised?

I'm also betting the video he shared of Trump and Pence sitting near a TV, ready to respond to any emergency 24/7, was as false as Trump's claim President Obama bugged Trump Tower.

I have to admit it's amusing watching Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, drain the swamp in the West Wing. Watching Steve Bannon slither out the back door hissing at Kelly was perfect. 

His latest action, a wonderful "no-fly list" is a savvy move.

It's a list for his aides who previously wandered into meetings unannounced, and uninvited. The chief offender was aide Omarosa-Manigault.

Watching an adult walking around in the West Wing is a novel thing to witness in the Trump administration.

I can't help wondering when Donny gets tired of too much reality around him, what he'll do.

He can't just "duck walk" Gen. Kelly out of the Oval Office. The resulting backlash would be catastrophic for his already besieged administration.

It's time for me to walk on down the road...

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