Saturday, September 16, 2017

'Good Old' Trump Pulls The Football Away From Republicans At The Last Moment!

Good Day World!

Anyone familiar with the Peanuts cartoons knows that Lucy likes to hold a football for good old Charlie Brown to kick.

Just as Charlie is in the kicking motion midair - Lucy pulls the ball away!

Anyone following Trump knows he's capable of multiple "take backs" daily.

Politic pundits are cackling with delight at the butt-hurt Republican party right now, because Donny pulled the football away from them...again.

By sitting down and talking nice with Democrats Chuck and Nancy about DACA, he's pulled the rug out from beneath McConnell's and Ryan's feet as slickly as Lucy would.

The next day, after dining with the enemy, Trump tweeted no deal had been made. Meanwhile, Chuck and Nancy were doing a victory dance on another thread.

Trump can't stay focused on one subject long enough to make a responsible decision about anything. I have to admit that his new cat-and-mouse game with Congressional Republicans is fun to watch.

 I doubt that this new shaky alliance will produce a bipartisan deal on DACA, or on any other issues. But if it does, that would be good for the country.

As much as I loath our Liar-In-Chief, I love my country more. I want to see political compromises that actually represent the majority of Americans and not just one far-right ideology.

If Trump is (as I suspect) really Lucy in drag, there's going to be a lot of Charlie Browns falling on their asses real soon!

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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