Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mitch McConnell Allowed The Russians To Interfere With Presidential Election

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Partisan turtle look-alike, Mitch McConnell, was instrumental in talking then- president Obama out of notifying the public about Russian cyber inference during the election. 

How? It was simple. McConnell's skepticism about the Russian's trying to hack our election, forced Obama to make a no-win choice.

If he told the American people - during the election - that Russia was out to discredit Clinton and to help Trump win, the partisan battle that would erupt could disrupt the whole election process.

Key Democrats were stunned by McConnell's (and the rest of the Republicans) response and exasperated that the White House seemed willing to let Republican opposition block any pre-election move.

Trump recently asked why the Obama administration didn't do more about Russia's ongoing inference during the election.

Perhaps Trump ought to have a talk with McConnell about what happened. Or...very possibly, the two were already colluding with Russia.

Why else would McConnell object to telling Americans what was happening at the time? It was a treasonous partisan choice to protect Trump and the Republican party.

Obama didn't want to interfere with the electoral process and have a partisan war on his hands. Maybe he should have said, "The hell with it, here's what's happening, when it was happening."

But Obama remained mum, hoping everything would work out somehow. Before leaving office however, he set the wheels in motion for a full investigation of Russia's efforts to disrupt the election. 

That investigation has expanded to involve Trump for obstruction of justice. It also involves many of his campaign staff and even current White House appointees - such as Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner.

All of these scandals could have been avoided if McConnell wasn't such a corrupt partisan puppet, and supporter of Trump. That other Republicans, meekly went along with him, only shows the depth of the corruption involved in the party.

All McConnell cares about is maintaining his position of power. By kissing Trump's ass, he's became a surrogate willing to say anything to keep a Republican in the White House.

The damage isn't over yet. Now McConnell is shepherding a deal to take health care coverage from the poor and to give the wealthy a massive tax break.

What we need now is someone with enough balls to expose McConnell's efforts to tamp down an investigation into an all-out cyber assault on our democracy during the election.

I'm waiting for someone to connect the dots, and to do something about it. But, I'm not holding my breath.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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