Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trump Transition Team Tries To Slip Unvetted Nominees Past Office of Government Ethics

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Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax records throughout the presidential campaign set a terrible example that has carried over to his cabinet appointments.

Alarms are ringing at the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) about upcoming confirmation hearings proceeding without the candidates being properly vetted financially.

In a recent NPR article OGE Director Walter Shaub said, "the announced hearing schedule for several nominees who have not completed the ethics review process is of great concern to me" and that the current schedule "has created undue pressure on OGE's staff and agency ethic officials to rush through these important reviews."

For the record, OGE was created 40 years ago and this is the first time there's been a problem with completing the vetting process in time.

As soon as Trump is sworn in (Jan.20th) the following eight appointees will go before the senate for confirmation.

(In order of appearance starting Jan. 24th)
1) Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.
2) Retired Gen. John Kelly for Homeland Security chief.
3) Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State.
4 Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary.
5)Elaine Chao for Transportation Secretary.
6)Ben Carson for Housing and Urban Development Secretary.
7) Wilbur Ross for Commerce Secretary.
8) Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis for Defense Secretary.

Thus far we know there's nominees listed above that have not been vetted because they don't want to reveal their financials.

We know that Trump's transition team has been in collusion with Senate Republicans to jam through these Cabinet nominees before they've been thoroughly vetted.

Trump has set the bar for corruption, and his minions are happily following his example.

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