Monday, January 9, 2017

2023: Trump Museum Opens In Moscow

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When Trump was kicked out of the White House for corruption in 2018, he was determined to leave his own version of a presidential legacy by building a museum.

As you can imagine, he had a problem raising funds for the project in the United States. A museum featuring a corrupt president is the last thing Americans wanted after nearly two years of putting up with Don the Con.

The #ForgetTrump hashtag went viral for several years after he was unceremoniously kicked out of Washington DC.

So Trump did the next best thing. He called his bro Vladimir Putin and asked if Moscow would like having a museum dedicated to Russia's favorite American president?

Vlad was ecstatic with the idea and quickly promised forced labor to help keep construction costs down.

Because Trump had established a dozen new businesses in Russia he was able to draw upon them to complete the project.

When the museum opened on January 20th, 2023, it was an immediate success with the Russian people. 

The main exhibit features the 2016 Presidential Election. 

Interactive displays show how Russia successfully influenced the election in Trump's favor.

Profiles of Russian state hackers describe how each contributed to Hillary Clinton's downfall. All were awarded Russia's top honor - Hero of the Russian Federation - and given Gold Star medals.

One of the most popular exhibits was a video of Putin appointing Trump's cabinet while spanking him. 

Now Trump spends his days divided between Trump Tower in New York and Trump Tower in Moscow that has a secret underground tunnel that leads to Vladimir's bedroom in the Kremlin.

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